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April 23, 2021 3 min read

As we've stated previously, the joy of smoking is followed by numerous actions in order to provide a complete satisfaction. True cigar lovers know that the most important factor that determines the quality of the smoke is humidity. Therefore we use accessories such as humidors, humidifiers, but there's a catch that leaves us blank as soon as your cigar leaves its humidor.

For this reason, a device has been developed, very similar to the meat thermometer. As you wish for your meat to be at the perfect temperature to be ready and tasty, you need to know your cigar will provide a perfectly smooth drag and the ultimate smoking experience. A device that helps us make sure our cigar is in perfect condition is a HumidiMeter™.


HumidiMeter™ by CigarMedics


The CigarMedics HumidiMeter™ is a small device that fits into a pocket or a smaller purse colored in black to match any outfit, with a single button. It is a moisture meter developed for cigars. A HumidiMeter™ comes with two very sensitive probes on top of the device, very well protected by the special cap that keeps the probes in perfect shape. These metal probes determine the level of moisture in a cigar so the simple act of "plugging them into a cigar" will easily do the job. Sounds kind of funny, but that's actually how this little wonderwork functions.


How To Use a HumidiMeter™?


The usage of this device is pretty simple. With a press of a single button on the device it turns on, and you will see on the screen the device is ready. The first convenience of HumidiMeter™ is that it automatically shuts down after approximately thirty seconds if not used by then, so its battery won't be spent for no reason. When the device is turned on, point the metal probes towards the foot of a cigar, and "plug" them into it, after a few seconds, a HumidiMeter™ will show the level of moisture inside a cigar on the screen.

As the user manual of the manufacturer CigarMedics says, the approximate level of moisture within a cigar is supposed to be between 60-70 percent to make sure it provides slow and even burn and smoke, smooth even draw as well as optimal flavor and taste. If your moisture measuring results show anything below 60 percent, it might come to the evaporation of natural oils, fast burn as well as a bitter taste. Anything above 70 percent may cause difficulty to draw smoke, uneven burning, and an increased probability of mold. After the usage, make sure to smoothly wipe the probes to remove any residual oil and put the protective cap back on.


Why Buy a HumidiMeter™?


If you're wondering if a HumidiMeter™ by CigarMedics is a good investment, then the answer would be a definite "yes" for multiple reasons. First of all, this device is going to pay for itself, as you won't be wasting a few cigars that are not in a good smoking condition before you reach the one that meets the desired in a given moment. To add to this convenience, a HumidiMeter™ comes at only $29.99. Additionally, today we all supply ourselves online, and from the comfort of our chair, therefore this device may come convenient to check the condition of your newly purchased cigars. With any other moisture meter, there is a huge possibility that the probes may not fit a cigar, which cannot happen with CigarMedics HumidiMeter™ since it's specifically designed for cigars only. Plus, in case you own a larger or a walk-in humidor, this is a very good accessory to determine if your humidor functions well in any of its corners.


Now, once again, prove yourself that you're a real and passionate cigar smoker. Shop online and get your HumidiMeter™ by CigarMedics to ensure that perfect drag and sail into a moment of pleasure.