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March 23, 2021 3 min read

Being a cigar smoker means being a person of style, business, and hedonism. One chooses their cigar very wisely in order to make sure it will provide a flawless sense of relaxation during their tobacco time. This means, smoking a cigar is a ritual, and every ritual has some protocol. Whether you're a newly introduced cigar smoker or a long-time cigar consumer, you know that before you indulge in this ritual, a cigar cap needs to be cut. Now, there are numerous cigar cutters on the market, and as with your cigar choice, you need to find your own style, and therefore, the right cigar cutter. And since our customers deserve only the best of the best, we will list down cigar cutter options for you, as well as help you learn how to choose the right cigar cutter.


Cutter Models


There is no huge hassle over picking a cigar cutter, but it's mostly a matter of your own needs and preferences, as well as the quality so it will provide a clean cut for your cigar. knowing the models will also help you decide based on your cigar brand and quality so here are the cigar cutter models you can find on the market:


  • Guillotine cutter
  • Punch cutter
  • Double-blade cutter
  • Cigar scissors
  • V cutter


Guillotine Cutter 

The name mostly speaks for itself when it comes to guillotine cutter. This cigar cutter comes with a single blade and it's sharp, quick, and precise. It removes the whole tip or cap of the cigar, which allows more smoke to pass. This type of cigar cutter is most commonly used among cigar smokers since they have the widest price range. As there are some high-quality models there are also many affordable single-bladed guillotine cutters available.


Punch Cutter

Punch cutters come with a slightly different system than the other cigar cutters. They are also called bullet punches. This cigar cutter doesn't remove the whole cap of a cigar but just a small circle on the cigar tip which is wide enough for the smoke to pass and for the cigar to be lit. Punch cutters provide a more restricted smoke draw and they are mostly used for cutting thinner cigars, yet some people, nowadays, like to use them to cut even thicker cigars to ensure this refined draw.


Double-blade Cutter

A double-blade cutter is actually a guillotine cutter with two blades to cut cigar caps. This cutter comes in three versions:

- two moving blades (using forefinger and a thumb)

- one fixed and one moving blade

- two spring-loaded blades.

A double-blade cutter appears to be among the most commonly used cutters since it provides even more efficient cutting than a single-blade (cutting a cigar from both sides), as well as they're much more handy and easy to be carried around.


Cigar Scissors 

Once again, the name suggests the actual model. Cigar scissors are scissors specially designed to cut cigars. Some may consider the kind of vintage, but mostly they are treated as a refined and stylish option. Usually, they come with small leather cases for an added classy look. 


V Cutters

V cutters are manufactured to provide a smaller cut for a more controlled draw. These cutters function quite similar to the guillotine cutters but create a different cut. They have two blades that intersect in a V shape and create a small notch on the tip of a cigar. This cut, likewise to punch cutters doesn't remove the whole head of the cigar but only a small cut for a more intense draw.


Each of these cigar cutters has its pros and cons, however, it mostly depends on you and your smoking preferences. Regarding this matter, it's essential to bear in mind that cigar cutter prices vary from very cheap to highly expensive, and even though the price doesn't always dictate quality a high-end cutter, will provide a better cut, therefore, better smoke quality. Just make sure to study your next cigar cutter a bit more thoroughly, so it doesn't have poor blades that will need sharpening by a professional. All the rest is on you to decide and let yourself enjoy that refined tobacco draw.