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May 07, 2021 3 min read

Cigar smoking represents a lifestyle. Therefore, this habit includes not only purchasing high-quality cigars but many accessories which help their maintenance and usage. Some of these accessories are our daily carry-on items, and when it comes to the cigar-smoking industry, just six years ago Pierre Jourdan had built and established a worldwide known cigar accessories brand Les Fines Lames.


An Idea Turned Into Masterpiece


Pierre Jourdan was previously outside of the cigar industry. He graduated with a college degree in computer science and then a master's degree in journalism. Working for Orange S.A. which is a telecommunication company, helped him dive deep into online communities and digital engagement. However, he would, later in 2007, step down from his position in the company and join his father in expanding the family business. Interestingly, Pierre Jourdan began smoking cigars no sooner than 2008. As he became a passionate cigar smoker, he felt frustrated about carrying various accessories around all the time and came up with an idea to create an item that would combine both a knife and a cigar cutter purpose. He joined forces with Yann Bouten, an expert craftsman in knives and leather, and after six months of designing their product was ready.


By that time, Pierre Jourdan had built a huge followers base on their Instagram account which was the perfect tool to launch the brand, and with Instagram not being used as much as today, back in that time, Les Fines Lames were already the largest cigar accessory brand on Instagram. After a while, Jourdan realized that he needs to have a full focus on the brand's creative and marketing aspect, and therefore was looking to expand his team. He met Pablo Rodet in 2018, an entrepreneur with huge experience with startups who were looking to run their own business. As a cigar lover, Rodet gained an opportunity to combine his favourite two products - cigars and knives, and joined the team to take care of sales strategy and distribution. And that's how the three visionaries joined to build an international brand from a great idea.


Les Fines Lames Selection


Knowing that the main factor that determines the quality of a finished product is its creation process, Jourdan decided that to maintain their product's quality, they need to be made in France only. The very first product Les Fines Lames launched was "The Original" - a cutter/knife with an overall length of about 200 mm and weight of 125g, with a maximum ring gauge of 80. Very soon, after the development of the Original, the guys found out that there is a huge need in the market for something more affordable and easier to carry. That's when Les Fines Lames' most attractive product was developed and launched - Le Petit. Le Petit can cut up to 70 ring gauge with a 23 mm aperture and its starting price is something over $150. Both knives/cutters are manufactured to provide perfectly clean cuts. Given their multifunctional use, like a knife and a cigar cutter, the users can perform both straight cuts and v-cuts on both products. 


As Les Fines Lames absolutely satisfied their market's needs, and the brand gained a huge reputation and respect, they constantly continue to explore the market for new ideas, needs, as well as their target audience's opinions. And as a result of this research, they've recently introduced a limited edition of their new series of knives with engraved blades. This is where we met Skyline, Compass, and Brass. Today Les Fines Lames offers a very carefully designed and manufactured selection of both cigar knives and accessories like their very recognizable ashtrays, high-quality calf leather cigar sheaths as well as Les Fines Lames cigar stands. 


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