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March 29, 2021 3 min read

The story of Cigar Oasis dates back to 1997. Back then, this company had developed the first electronic humidifier. Today, almost a quarter of a century later, Cigar Oasis is worldwide recognized as the humidifier of choice for premium cigars, with four high-end humidifier models along with hygrometers as well as parts and accessories.

As there are numerous reasons your humidor might not maintain the desired level of humidity, Cigar Oasis has the first and perfect solution to this hassle. The desired humidity level in a humidor is between 65 and 74 percent depending on your personal preferences. Some ideal conditions of a humidor would be 70°F (21°C) and 70% humidity. Often, there is an issue of a humidifier being too small or weak for the size of your humidor. However, this doesn't create any problem for Cigar Oasis humidifiers. There are a number of various size options that suit pretty much any humidor in your possession.


Cigar Oasis Humidifiers

Cigar Oasis offers four humidifier models whose performances vary depending on the size of your humidor. This offer contains the following models:
  • Cigar Oasis Ultra 3.0 (Designed for desktop humidors that contain 50-100 cigars)
  • Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0 (Designed for medium size humidors containing 100-300 cigars)
  • Cigar Oasis Plus 3.0 (Designed for large humidors containing 300-1000 cigars)
  • Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0 (Designed for humidors of size 10-60 Cubic ft.)

What stands out from the mass, when it comes to Cigar Oasis humidifiers, is the fact that these models are manufactured to make sure the entire interior of a humidor maintains the desired conditions, as they include a built-in fan that helps the air to circulate through a humidor. Also, these humidifiers come with a cartridge filled with distilled water and are extremely easy to recharge after a certain period, depending on the model. Besides these conveniences, Cigar Oasis humidifiers also boast of their quite silent performance since their fan is very quiet.

Cigar Oasis humidifiers have a built-in sensor that reads the humidity level inside the humidor. As soon as a humidifier notices that the level of humidity has dropped below the desired setting, the fan turns on to make sure it reaches back the preferred humidor conditions. Along with the sensor, Cigar Oasis humidifiers include a very useful LCD screen that provides readings on the set humidity point, inside temperature, as well as a current humidity level in your humidor. Additionally, the humidifier contains an option to notify when the cartridge needs to be recharged. The system allows a user to set the humidity level anywhere between 40 - 80%. Plus, they are extremely easy to install and set to, or removed from a preferred spot with the help of a magnet that comes with a package, which will make it perfectly hassle-free to recharge the cartridge or remove the humidifier for any reason.


21st Century Convenience

Another high-end, useful feature of these humidifiers is the possibility to use WiFi connectivity. This feature allows a user to monitor and control the conditions inside their humidor from absolutely anywhere, with the use of their smart device via Cigar Oasis SmartHumidor ™ app, compatible with both IOS and Android platforms.

Clearly, Cigar Oasis had managed to think of everything in order to provide the most convenience for passionate cigar smokers. These humidifiers will definitely provide the perfect conditions inside your humidor and keep your cigars fresh for as long as you need before the actual use. Feel free to take a browse through our offer of Cigar Oasis humidifiers and purchase your most convenient model from

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