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Small First Aid Kit Travel Humidor | Ammodor

Limited supplies – order while we still have them!! The first Ammodor travel humidor. Built from a repurposed US government issue First Aid Kit container in like new condition. Holds up to 10 cigars securely in custom waterjet cut foam. Measures approximately 8″ long x 5″ wide x 3″ tall and olive drab green in color.

This heavy duty plastic container was made in the USA and features two snap closure latches, first aid embossed lettering and medical symbol graphics on top lid and a rubber gasket inside to make a 100% air tight seal that Ammodors are famous for. Originally used to house medical supplies for our troops. We are the first and only company to offer travel size humidors that are built from repurposed military surplus containers!

Features two super thick, firm charcoal foam cigar trays that hold up to five cigars each (10 cigars up to 8″ long total). The top lid is also lined with firm charcoal foam and has die cut with spaces for the Xikar Digital Hygrometer.