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HumidiMeter™ | CigarMedics

What is the HumidiMeter™ and what does it do?

The HumidiMeter™ is a one of a kind patented measuring device that quickly and accurately gives you a digital readout of the relative humidity inside your premium cigar.

Other gauges measure the humidity in the air that surrounds the cigar, which can be markedly different than the actual humidity reading in your cigar.

It is widely assumed that the humidity (or moisture content) within the cigar replicates the humidity level in your humidor. This is not always true. It can take weeks and sometimes months for a cigar to reach equilibrium.* The HumidiMeter™ will inform you instantly how close to equilibrium your cigar really is.

* Humidity in a cigar and humidity in the humidor in which the cigar was stored are equal

Why is HumidiMeter™ essential for every cigar smoker?

  • Can be used on cigars with a 38 ring and larger
  • Verification and prevention of your premium cigars from being too dry or too moist
  • Assessing when to rotate cigars in your humidor
  • Assessing the time required for cigars to reach equilibrium
  • Validating that your expensive online shipment of cigars was shipped within acceptable standards
  • Personalizing and learning that different cigars smoke better at different humidity levels
  • Elimination of the squeeze test
  • Pinpoint accuracy of how much moisture is REALLY in your valuable cigars!
  • Learning that often the cap and foot are at different levels of humidity.
  • It fits in your pocket so you can take it with you where ever you go.